Hanging Cinderella Slipper Charm

Never leave your slipper behind when running down the stairs to catch your Pumpkin Coach again!

I love those cute little charm bracelets everybody has from Pandora, Chamilia, etc. They’re the 21st Century version of the Tell Your Life Story on Your Wrist bracelets we used to wear a moon and a half ago. Anyhow, I bet a lot of you got one of these cute charm bracelets as a gift over the holidays and are itchin’ for some more fun stuff to put on them to help tell The Story of Y-O-U. Well, lookie what I found! For anyone who’s ever dreamed of putting down her broom and being swept off her feet at the Royal Ball, this Hanging Cinderella Slipper Charm by Chamilia might be just the thing your bracelet needs to say A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes…and this Heart’s Ready to Quit Cleanin’ Up After Ingrates!

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