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How To Create The Ultimate Disney Advent Calendar

Is there anything greater than a countdown to get you hyped up for an event?

I mean, think about a rocket taking off…or New Year’s Eve…or your mom counting down the seconds until you get your toys taken away? Okay, maybe that last one’s a bad example.

But how GREAT is the anticipation of something new and thrilling and exciting on the horizon?

And what’s more exciting to a kid than the countdown to Christmas? We’ve rounded up some fun ways to help you help them build their excitement level–as if it needs help–with some fun prizes to add to your Advent Calendar.

1. Well, That Was Easy

tsum tsum advent calendar
For those looking for a ready-made solution to your Advent Calendar tradition, you can’t go wrong with this adorable Tsum Tsum Advent Calendar right here! The Tsum Tsums that come in this set are plastic and still stackable. They even come with their own sleigh! A Marvel Tsum Tsum Advent Calendar is also available, as well as one featuring Olaf and the Frozen Characters!

2. Go Big or Go Home

advent tree large
If you’re gonna go to all the trouble of creating your own Advent Calendar from scratch, then make sure you get an Advent Calendar with boxes big enough to hold the good stuff.

Sure, candy is fine for some, but don’t you want to be able to shove squeal-worthy treats inside?

This Ready to Stuff Advent Calendar has perfectly-sized 4 inch by 4 inch boxes!

For those looking to do smaller trinkets or mostly candy, this Advent Calendar is a great option!

3. It’s Christmas…Kachow!

Their holiday countdown will be totally revved up when they find this Lightning McQueen Die Cast Car inside!

4. Spread The Love Around!

nemo bath toys
These little Nemo Bathtub Friends are totally worth snagging up, because you can spread them out over DAYS on the calendar!

5. A Big Ol’ Pile Of Adorable

A fluffy little Mini Tsum Tsum is the perfect thing to put in an Advent Calendar. They’re tiny, they’re cute, and they come in every friend flavor imaginable!

6. Sound and Light

They’ll be happy for a new pair of Ear Buds that LIGHT UP. You’ll be happy to not have to listen to them play Mario Kart all during Christmas Break.

7. Shiny, Happy Children

mickey earrings
Here’s another gifty you can split up over a couple of days, or just lay all 3 pair of these Mickey Earrings on her in one fell swoop!

8. Rev ’em Up!


Nothing’s more fun than a blind bag full of Disney anticipation! Grab a few of these Disney Blind Bag Keychains for an extra dose of surprise to the Advent Calendar.

9. Playtime on the High Seas


It’s bad guy versus badder guy in this Pirates of the Caribbean set that’s worth one or two days in your calendar!

10. Part of Your Curl

little mermaid hair bow
What Little Mermaid fangirl wouldn’t love to pull open a drawer and find this shimmery Ariel Bow inside? I mean, it’s got a DINGLEHOPPER on it!

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