Mickey Waffle Chew Toy for Dogs

Rufus wants to know why YOU get all the good stuff.

Mickey Waffle Chew Toy for Dogs

Rufus just patiently waits while you scarf down your dinner each night, cocking his head from side to side, wondering when, oh when, you might drop a tiny morsel down onto the floor.

Oh, and he knows the food you eat when you’re away, too. You think he DOESN’T hear you when you’re bragging on the phone about that awesome dinner at Crystal Palace or JUST how many turkey legs you consumed during your last trip to the park. He KNOWS.

So, why not share a Mickey Waffle Chew Toy with him, eh? He’s heard about them for years, but has never indulged. But now, NOW boy is YOUR time.

Sit. Stay. Chew. Good Boy, Rufus!

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