Space Mountain PokitPal Collectible by Robert Olszewski

Happy Robert Olszewski Collector Appreciation Day! I got you a miniature version of your favorite place!


Why, you’re welcome! It was nothing… I was feeling in the spirit of things, getting ready to celebrate Robert Olszewski during the Olszewski Collector Appreciation Event in Disney World and Disneyland, so I picked this little thing up. Both parks will be offering 25% off Olszewski’s Attraction Sculptures, PokitPals, and Gallery of Light pieces from September 21-23 at select locations onsite. I hear-tell that the Disney Store online will have select items on sale during this time frame as well, but I can’t confirm. So, for now enjoy your special sursie: this lovely Space Mountain PokitPal, hand-carved from resin by Bob himself, signed by the artist, and ready for you to stash your special somethings in.

It’s so cool that it’s even cool upside DOWN…



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