Star Wars R2D2 Bottle Opener

What is it about your little boop-boop-be-doop that has us all wrapped around your little finger?

R2D2 Bottle Opener

Actually, that’s not true. Droids don’t have fingers. Okay, you’ve got us wrapped around your holographic projector. R2D2 seems to be a universally-adored character and friends are going to go nuts when you pull out this R2D2 Bottle Opener during your next partay. It’s so cute, it might grow legs and walk away, so you may wanna keep a close eye on this guy, lest you end up in a Han/Greedo-type sitch with your best bud.

This guy’s on sale at Think Geek right now for just $12.59, so snatch it up at the lower price now while you can, and throw in another to your cart for your best bud, just so things won’t get…you know…awkward.

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