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Festive Disney Christmas Villages

There’s something so crazy-fun about a Christmas Village.


All those tiny little people. The tiny little streetlamps. The fluffy fake (or is it?) snow all around. It’s a magical, miniature wonderland.

I like to recreate backstories for all of the folks traipsing throughout the village. Have they gotten all their Christmas shopping done? Are they stressing out over their placement on the Naughty v. Nice list? Will Tiny Tim get a replacement for his wooden leg FINALLY this year, or will we, once again, just be grateful that we have one another?

It’s a great way to spend an inordinate amount of time making up stories for, and interacting with, imaginary people, which may be your familiar if you are down with all things Disney.

What better Christmas Village to set up around your house than one that’s Totally Disnified? The stories practically write themselves!

Disney Tabletop Christmas Tree

And a Partridge in a Pear Treeeeeee! This Disney Tabletop Tree has FIFTY of our favorite characters adorning it, has four levels of rotation, lights up, and plays a medley of fabulous Christmas carols.  Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


Disney ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas Sculpture

This one is the star of the show! This ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas Village House not only has all our favorite friends all about; it has Mickey Mouse reading the classic story as each of the windows light up, one by one!


Mickey Mouse Santa Figurine

Speaking of the Naughty v. Nice List, you wouldn’t want to get on THIS GUY’S bad side, would you? People in malls around the world claim to be Santa’s Helper, but there’s none cuter…or nicer!…than this Santa Mickey Figure!

santa mickey checking list twice dept 56

Department 56 Goofy’s Christmas Gas Station

They don’t let Goofy be in charge of much, however The Disney Pals do find him competent enough to run a Gas Station. Seems a little dangerous to me, with the likelihood of myriad things going wrong somewhat apparent, but, hey, I didn’t get to write that story. However, this Goofy’s Gas Station is QUITE adorable, and would be a very cute addition to your burgeoning Disney Christmas Village.


Department 56 Mickey’s Ski Chalet

Oh, if only it were true! Now, we get to pretend there is such a place as Mickey’s Ski Chalet, nestled somewhere deep in the Swiss Alps, or slightly southeast of the La Brea Tar Pits.


Mickey Mouse Village Three Mouseketeers Figurine

What’s cuter than one snowman? Three snowmen wearing Mouse Ears! This Mickey Mouse Three Mouseketeers Accessory will add so much cuteness to your Snow Village, you won’t be able to stand it!

mickey three mouseketeers figure dept 56

Department 56 Mickey’s Ear Factory

Well, the Mickey Mouse Ears don’t make THEMSELVES, of course! They’re carefully crafted to the specifications of each and every person’s head all around the globe, at Mickey’s Ear Factory, because Mickey and his Pals KNOW we’ll all own at LEAST one pair at some point on our merry little journey!


Department 56 Minnie’s Bakery

As go the Mickey Mouse Ears, so go the scones, the muffins, and the pretzels! Each sweet for each Park all around the world is handmade with love, pixie dust, and a boatload of sugar right here at Minnie’s Bakery!

minnies bakery

Mickey Mouse Village Water Tower

Welcome to Mickey’s Village! Like the Tree of Life, the Epcot Ball, and other giant Welcome Home Signs located in the Parks all over the world, this Mickey’s Village Water Tower will announce to the world (or at least the people in your living room) that they have arrived at the World’s Cutest Snow Village!

water tower

Department 56 Mickey’s Castle

Cinderella has one. So does Aurora. Why can’t Mickey? Well, as Mr. Rogers always said, “Anything’s possible with make believe!” So Mickey has “make-believed” his way to having a Mickey Castle of his own that you can add to your wee village!

mickey's castle

Mickey’s Ice Cream Shop

It’s NEVER too cold for Ice Cream. Them’s the rules! No matter what the temps look like in your Snow Village, Mickey’s Ice Cream Shop is ALWAYS open. Thank goodness! Where else am I going to get a Premium Bar in this tiny town?

mickey's ice cream shop

Mickey’s Holiday Express

Woo Woo! Happy Train coming through! I don’t know where the connection of trains and Christmas began, but they TOTALLY say Merry Holidays, don’t they? Celebrate this merry holiday with a Disney Holiday Express Train to go in your merry little village!

holiday express

Department 56 Goofy’s Holiday Carols Figurine

How many ducks does it take to scale a Christmas Tree? Four, apparently, in this wacky scene. Actually, I think they’re singing the scales rather than scaling the tree in this Department 56 Figurine with Goofy, Donald, Huey, Dewey, and Louie. Wonder if they’re on key? I won’t be placing any bets!

christmas carols

There’s More Where That Came From!

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