Kermit the Frog Key Cover

It’s not easy…having keys.

Spending all day looking…through your sleeves. Under couches, crawling…on your knees. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if, once you actually found your keys, they greeted you with a smile? I would love nothing more to be granted the payoff of a Big, Giant Muppet Smile after toiling through my self-imposed key loss. And that’s why, my friends, I’ll be covering my precious door-unlocking metals with this Kermit the Frog Key Cover, and this Miss Piggy Key Cover and this Pancake One, because I like Muppets and I like Pancakes. So if your keyring finding days are feeling a little humdrum or your keyring itself is looking a little blah, try on these covers for size.

After you brighten up your keyrings with these Key Covers, why don’t you check out the part of our show we like to call the Disney Gadgets section?

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