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The Best Disney Christmas Tree Ornaments

Your Christmas tree is nothing if not a grander extension of yourself.

Are you a Fancy Nancy, with pink, purple, and blue boas and other sparkly things adorning your Tinseled Tree?

Or, are you more of Traditional Thomas, with red, green, and gold surrounding your Douglas Fir in a perfect pattern of perfection?

Maybe you’re a Sentimental Sally, who has stuff from all throughout her years on Earth, representing travels, friends, relatives, pets, and school years gone by?

You could be like us and be a Mishmash Marvin, with stuff crammed all around each branch, sticking out every which way, with no rhyme or reason to it other than you love it ALL!

Whatever your decoration style or proclivity, we know you will find something on this list that NEEDS to be on your tree RIGHT NOW. Or our name isn’t Mishmash Marvin!

2017 Pooh and Piglet Ornament


2017, we barely knew ya! Now you’re about as done as our relationship with store-bought fruitcake! But we had some good times together, you and I. Remember that time we talked Grandpa into riding Tower of Terror because we told him he’d get to see Rod Serling? Yeah, he never really forgave us for that, did he? Well, now at least we have the memory of Grandpa’s girlish screams and this awesome 2017 Piglet and Pooh Ornament as reminder of a marvelous day at Disney.

Mickey Mouse Ornament Set


This one speaks to the Traditional Thomas and the Sentimental Sally in us. We love the way the light hits the reds and greens in this Mickey Mouse Ornament Set and we can’t help but get a little misty just thinking about how much fun we had on our Disney Vacation this past year…Memories…light the corner of my tree….

Olaf Glass Ornament

I’d stop the world and melt with this ornament. He’s just that worth melting for. We can’t muster enough love for this adorable Olaf Glass Ornament!

Mickey Nutcracker Ornament

mickey nutcracker

100 points for cuteness! Who can resist a Mickey for your tree, especially when he’s part of a Nutcracker Brigade? Nobody. That’s who. No matter what your Christmas style, this Mickey Nutcracker Ornament will blend right in: it brings something for the cute, the traditional, the sentimental AND the mishmash to love!

Disney Princesses Sketchbook Ornament Set

These are for the Mishmashers who gotta have ’em ALL! This Disney Princesses Ornament Set is perfect for the well-rounded Disney Fan who is enamored with the Disney Princesses and can’t pick just one fave! These might also be good for splitting up and proffering as individual gifts, if you’re able to part with any!

Mickey’s Fun Wheel Ornament

Remember all the great times at Disney’s California Adventure every single time you glance up at this sparkly Mickey’s Fun Wheel Ornament!

Disney Illuminated Glass Ornament Collection

Give your Tannenbaum a touch of glitz and glam with these Illuminated Glass Disney Ornaments!

Cinderella Glass Slipper Ornament


Princesses, this one’s for YOU! This perfect little Cinderella Glass Slipper Ornament is the perfect representation of the girl who went from the chick who scrubbed the floors to Fairytale Royalty!

Red Mickey Mouse Ornaments

mickey mouse icon red

Traditional Thomas…do you hear what I hear?? This one’s calling your name, isn’t it? Can’t you just SEE your tree, decked from top to bottom in the most gorgeous reds and greens with these beautifully candy-colored Mickey Mouse Ornaments dotting your perfectly perfected landscape?? There are only two things practically perfect in every way: Mary Poppins herself and your Christmas Tree.

Hallmark Resin Star Wars Chewbacca Ornament

Don’t make The Wookie Angry. He loves his Messenger Bag, and he doesn’t like you calling it a purse. I wouldn’t call it anything different. Capiche?

Winnie the Pooh Ornament

winnie the pooh

Oh, Pooh. Nothing ever goes quite right, does it? All you wanted was to take a happy little present to your sad little friend on his birthday and then THIS happened. Celebrate all the things that went right…and wrong…this year with this Winnie the Pooh Ornament adorning your tree.

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