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Best Disney Halloween Costumes

All Hail The Olympic Sport of Getting In Character!
disney halloween costumes
Whether it be getting dolled up for Halloween or getting gussied for your Friend’s Fancypants Masquerade Party, dressing up is always a hoot.

Why else would we parade around the Parks in Mickey Mouse Ears and Jack Sparrow Hair?

Being somebody else for a minute is great!

We’ve compiled a list of some of the BEST Disney Costumes that are Off The Beaten Path a little…maybe some that you hadn’t considered before; and we’ve found them in every shape, size, and price.

So, take a closer look…we think you’ll find a few you’re you’re batty about!

Baby Stitch Costume

Stitch Costume

That kid of yours is UNMISTAKABLE! Everybody knows when he’s coming; he’s never snuck up on anyone EVER! He’s got the perfect balance of happy-go-lucky and bull-in-a-China-shop and everybody loves him. He’s fun. He’s crazy. He’s the perfect Baby Stitch!

Baby Princess Leia Costume

Help me, Obi Mom, you’re my only hope… Omigosh, how cute would dressing your baby up in this Princess Leia Costume be? You already consider her a Princess, why not add some Hot Cross Hair Buns to go with it?

Ariel Costume for Girls

This Ariel Costume  gets an Honorable Mention for her add-on Seaweed Boa! Plus, we love that this costume is somewhat modest and covers your princess in all the right places. Plus, the gown with the IDEA of fins makes for easy “swimming” up and down the neighborhood streets, peddling for candy!

Haunted Mansion Tightrope Girl Costume

This one is oddly specific, but oh so fantastic. For fans of the Haunted Mansion Stretching Room, this 2-Piece Tightrope Girl Costume is your key to winning not only Halloween, but life.

Beast Costume for Men

Adult Beast Costume

Fellas, take heed: This is the kind of costume that will earn YOU big points with your Lady Friend. BIG. You may even have attempts by other Lady Folk to steal you away from your current Lady Friend, in the process. That’s because you’re going to be just so darn CUTE in this Beast Costume, chicks aren’t going to be able to stand it.


Deluxe Belle Costume for Women

Plus, it will give US an excuse to dress like THIS, which is something we’ve wanted to do only our entire lives. That Face Character in the parks gets to do it every doggone DAY, and we want just ONE NIGHT to feel like we’re the Belle of the Ball (see what I did there?). You can make that happen for us friend. We can buy this gorgeous Belle Costume, if you’ll just put on that Beast Mask. A similar costume is also available in Plus Size, for which we are super thankful.

Boba Fett or Darth Vader Costume

“You go as Darth, I’ll be Boba.” “You always get to be Boba! I wanna be Boba this time!” And Bob and Kevin never went to a Halloween Party together again. People of Earth: don’t lose friendships over Halloween Costumes. There’s enough Boba Fett Costumes for EVERYBODY. Buy TWO Bobas. Or One Darth and One Boba. Or THREE Bobas, and you can invite Michael, too. You can be like The Three Boba Stooges. In Jeans. Adorable!

Princess Tiana Costume for Girls

Well, this Princess Tiana Costume is adorable! Love the cute little lily pad cutout neckline! Fantastic, just like Princess T and her yummy beignets!

Mr. Incredible Shirt

We get it. You don’t dress up. Costumes are “hot”. They’re “itchy”. They’re “not manly”. They’re “flammable”. Okay. You win. ALL you have to do is put on this Mr. Incredible Shirt and you can come to the party. You’ll wear a t-shirt, right?

Mickey Mouse Costume for Babies

Jiminy Crickets, is that kid cute?! Your kid could look Disneytastic, too, in this adorable Mickey Mouse Costume. Super easy to put on and super soft so he doesn’t get all Itchy and Grouchy (which happen to be the names of two unmentioned Dwarfs in Snow White). Your kiddo’s sure to get smiles for miles with this costume!

Snow White Costume for Teens

There’s no WAY she’s going in the same outfit as everyone else! The thought of blending in makes her want to GAG! Your princess is hip and fun and unabashedly a Disney Fan. That’s why this Snow White Teen Costume fits her like a Woodland Creature fits a Forest. She’s probably already got those boss Red Chuck Taylors in her closet already, anyway.

Chewbacca Hoodie for Adults

First of all, once this thing gets in my closet, he’s probably coming with me every time I step foot outside this winter. This Chewbacca Hoodie is too cool to wear for one night out of the year. It’s super warm, super soft, makes for a hilarious costume, and is your perfect opportunity to dress like a Walking Carpet every chance you can get!


Tinker Bell Costume for Girls

tinker bell
Those wings! (sold separately) Those pom-pom shoes! (sold separately) That glittery, green, fluffy costume! (included with purchase price) Have you ever seen a cuter Tinker Bell Costume? We, friends, have NOT! And? It glows in the DARK!

Cinderella Costume for Girls

Cinderella Costume

What kind of people would we be if we didn’t have at least ONE Cinderella Costume on our list? We went for the best of the best with this Cindy Costume from the Disney Store. They have indeed perfected the perfect blue of her gown and added a few extra touches of glitter and poof at the bottom of the dress to make it extraordinary and fun.

Mike Wazowski Costume for Kids

We love us some Mike Wazowski! Whether he’s working on the floor of Monsters Inc. or trying to win the Scare Games at Monsters U., he’s winning our hearts with his big, fat ol’ eyeball. What’s extra special about this Monsters Inc. Costume is the Candy Catcher that’s part of the costume. No hands carrying a Treat Bag mean more hands for scaring. Win!

Minnie Mouse Costume for Toddlers

Minnie Mouse Infant Costume

Seriously, you can already picture her in this costume, right? Whether you have a daughter OR NOT, you’ve likely already envisioned her in the perfect Minnie Mouse Costume. Not doing so would just be unordinary.

Winnie the Pooh Costume for Baby

All I can say is that this costume is going to melt the hearts of every Fall Carnival goer who sees it! We love this Pooh Costume because it’s just so darn fluffy! It just makes you want to pick him up and squeeze him! (Don’t. Mickey Fix strictly prohibits Baby Squeezing in all its forms. But, we admit, it’s hard for us NOT to squeeze your baby when he’s dressed as one of the characters from Crystal Palace.

Evil Queen Costume for Adults

Evil Queen Costume

But sometimes…sometimes…you want to take a walk on the Dark Side. Tap into your Inner Evil Apple Holder with this Evil Queen Costume and watch the Woodland Creatures in your neighborhood scurry.

Yoda Pet Costume

Pets love Halloween, TOO! Actually, they HATE it…all that doorbell ringing while you’re out traipsing through the neighborhood. It’s an absolute nightmare for them! The LEAST you can do is dress up Fido in a wee little Yoda Costume and take him on the candy-foraging walk with you and the kids. Oh, and keep an eye on that chocolate, would ya?

Star Wars Princess Leia Dog Costume

Star Wars Princess Leia Dog Costume

But maybe your dog’s a girl. And she doesn’t WANT to dress up as an 800 year old smelly swamp creature. Well, thankfully, there’s Leia Buns for Dogs. It’s the dog costume she’s waited her whole life for.

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