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How To Pack For Your First Trip To Disney World


Congratulations! Your long-lost, crazy Aunt Gertrude has left you a big ole pile of money and you’re going to Disney! Yay!

Do you feel a little overwhelmed trying to figure out what in the world to pack? Never fear, for we are here to help you with the basics. Not everybody will need everything on this list, but if you’re like us, you’re kind of One-With-the-Shopping. And if vacationing requires pre-travel shopping, well, then, we’ll just have to gladly comply.

Below is a list of our favorite vacay supplies that we hope you’ll adore as much as we do. They’re our must-haves for our Disney Trips and can hopefully they will help you plan YOUR trip to the Happiest Place on Earth! Ready? Here we goooo!

1. Good Vacations Require Good Luggage

Fantastic luggage sets the mood for your vacay and your state of mind going into this this.. You know, the kind that says, “Kindly stand clear of my vacation, lest ye pull back a nub.”

2. Sniff Out the Good Food Ahead of Time


Also, a really good Disney Travel Book is going to be your saving grace. Since stuffing our faces is one of our favorite parts of a Disney vacation, we recommend one of Disney Food Blog’s e-Books.

They have this General Guide here to eating yourself comatose at Disney, and then they also have more specific ones for the Holidays, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, etc. These guides are solid gold!

3. Might Seem Dumb, But Don’t Forget That Gum!

Disney likes order in its parks. Tidy sidewalks, spic ‘n span restrooms, and seats without gum stuck underneath them. You won’t find gum for sale anywhere on Park property. So, if you’re a Violet Beauregarde like we are and can’t go a day without smackin’ on the sweet nectar of that Juicy Fruit, make sure to put some in your stash. Here’s a great pack to pack: it has unicorns.

4. A Schlepping We Will Go

Don’t forget a backpack. Pack it with your stuff even if you don’t think you’ll need it. It will likely come in handy. This appropriately-named Day in the Park Backpack by JanSport is quite possibly the perfect option for a day at Disney.

And think of how much money you can save when you bring your own:

You’ll save a ton of money just hauling in some of those items with you, and a Park Bag is the way to do it. And how awesome is that JanSport with Mickey and Minnie on it?

5. Stay In Charge

Don’t forego the power of The Force. Your My Disney Experience App…and your ability to snap five billion photos of your adorable family…depend on it. (Seriously, both of those things are major phone drainers. Keep that sucker charged!)

This cute Star Wars Charger comes in Luke, BB8, Chewie, Darth, Rey, and a few other of your favorite dudes.

6. A Dead Phone May Make You Growl, But a Broken One Will Make You WAIL.

mickey case
Make sure your phone is in good hands, even when it’s in tiny sticky ones, waiting in line for Dumbo. This Mickey Mouse Otterbox Phone Case not only has our beloved friend on it, it’s rugged and is available for iPhone or Galaxy.

7. Love Thy Tootsies

We can’t underestimate the importance of the power of a pair of good kicks for this trip. And even if you don’t wear sandals the whole time, put a pair in your backpack and wear them just for the wet rides.

We think these Birkenstocks are perfect for trekking through the park and also for throwing in your backpack for when your other shoes get wet. You’ll feel like a GENIUS when you have another pair of shoes to swap out when everybody else’s are still sopping wet.

Whether they’re sandals or running shoes, we like ordering from Zappos because

a.) we don’t have to leave the house, and

b.) they offer Free Shipping both ways. If you don’t like ’em, just throw ’em back in the box and return ’em! Badda Bing!

Also, you may want to pack some regular or blister Band-Aids in case things go south in the foot department. They’re lifesavers!

8. Tum-Tu-Tum-Tum-TUMS!

first aid
Some people may think it’s crazy, but the Girl Scout in us thinks you should bring along a First Aid Kit to have with you at your hotel. Still bring Band-Aids and pain reliever into the Parks with you, but have some extra supplies on hand for cuts, scrapes, and burns back at the ranch.

It might be smart to throw in some stomach medicine, cold/flu meds, and sunburn relief in your first aid kit, as well. Nothing brings down the vacation high faster than a sick tribe member!

9. Pack Me a River

Minnie Mouse Sequined Tervis Water Bottle

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Your body, your brain, and your wallet will thank you! This Minnie Mouse Tervis is the perfect vessel for toting your liquid fuel.

10. There Will Be Rain


Speaking of water…sometimes, at Disney, it rains. Be prepared with a good card game like Apples to Apples! You don’t need to pack the whole box, just take out a good number of cards, and you’ll be ready to roll when you’re in your room, waiting for the storm to blow over! Those cards will also come in handy when you just feel like chilling at the resort for a second!

11. Bring the Bling

mickey-mouse-ear-hatJust to top off your to-do list, why not go ahead and order your Mickey Mouse Ear Hat in advance so you can Bedazzle that thing ahead of your vacation?! Strut through those gates and let The Mouse know you have ARRIVED!

So much to do! So much to pack! We get it: you want everything to be PERFECT! A trip to Disney can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience and you want to get it RIGHT!

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