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Hot Disney Toys Holiday Gift Guide

Grown-ups celebrate the holidays for grown-up-type reasons. For kids, it’s all about the LOOT!

mickey fix disney christmas toys 2016

Stuff their stocking but good with some of the finest kiddie concoctions around, found right here on this Hot Disney Toys Gift Guide!

We’ve searched the deep, dark recesses of the Internet to find THE things that the kids are going to go cuckoo for this Holiday Season.

Boys? Covered. Girls? Down pat. Tweens? Done.

Listen to the sounds of shattered crystal when the wee ones get what they’re really into this holiday. Adults, peace, love, and joy can be celebrated in an hour or two. Right now, it’s gift-giving time!

Disney Princess Belle Musical Rolling Cart

Be My Guest! Be My Guest! Put my Tea Skillz to the Test! This is perfect for every little Disney Princess who ALSO loves tea parties, music, and things that spin (that’s everybody, right?) Watch Mrs. Potts and Chip go round and round while you hear your favorite Beauty and the Beast song! This Belle Musical Tea Cart is sure to be on every Disney Princess’s wish list!

Belle Musical Cart

Disney Junior PJ Masks Cat Car

Just throw on your PJs and go! It’s Cat Boy to the rescue! This Cat Boy Vehicle comes with the little blue dude and two extra seats for his super friends! This set coordinates beautifully with the PJ Masks Headquarters Set!
pj masks cat car

Star Wars: The Force Awakens BB-8 by Sphero

Here’s the guy that blew up Christmas, in the most fantastic way possible. This little yellow and white rolling dude is everyone’s new fave. He’s like the R2-D2 of this generation’s Star Wars films, which is to say, everybody loves him.

There are a few different versions of this concept, but this particular BB-8 by Sphero is going to be the one to get. He’s the one that’s app-controlled (iOS or Android) that everybody’s been talking about. YOU’LL be everybody’s fave when you wrap this guy up this Christmas!

Star Wars App Controlled BB8 by Sphero

Frozen Castle of Arendelle

Yep, I’ll be playing with THIS all winter long! This Frozen Castle is ginormous and comes with tons of characters and doo-dads for the kids to move around and play with. So giant and soooo much fun. Letting Hans inside the castle is optional.

Frozen Castle of Arrendale


Lion Guard Playset

We all know the big presents win Christmas, right? Do you see how big this Lion Guard Playset is? Yeah, you’ll be the hero when you gift THIS gift.

Lion Guard Playset

Doc McStuffins Rolling Cart

Emergency! Emergency! We’ve got a teddy bear who needs apple juice, STAT! No matter what the cause for alarm, your child will be ready to deliver the goods with this Doc McStuffins Rolling Cart!

Doc McStuffins Rolling Cart

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar

Let the countdown to the wrapping paper ripping frenzy begin! Or, use this Star Wars Advent Calendar as a daily reminder for the kiddos that Christmas means so much more than…oh, look! a shiny!!

Lego Advent



Elena of Avalor Doll Set

All hail the new Princess of Avalor! You kiddo’s gonna be entertained for hours playing with Elena, Mateo, Isabel, Naomi and Gabe from this Deluxe Elena of Avalor Doll Set!

Elena Doll Set

Little People Discover Disney

Okay, I gotta admit it. I still like playing with Little People. I mean, those cute little fat heads and their stubby, plasticky bodies…I can’t resist! I could make Freddy and Sally climb up the stairs and go down the slide really longer than I should WANT to. If you want to give into YOUR Little People craving and make it not look weird, buy this Disney Little People Discover Disney for your wee one and your secret’s safe with me!
Little People Little People Discover Disney

Mickey Mouse Dancing Speaker

Here’s one that anyone who listens to music can get down with. This Mickey Mouse Dancing Speaker swirls lava-lamp-style red and white balls all around the water globe to the tune of whatever’s thumping in your electronic device. Totally plug and play, and will totally put a smile on anybody’s face…even the surly teen.

Mickey Mouse Dancing Speaker

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens Video Game

How much fun is the Lego series of video games? The story lines are hilarious, the characters are adorable, and the games themselves are tricky and addicting! The Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens game was released to much buzz, and the game supported the hype. If your Star Wars fan doesn’t have a copy of it yet for Xbox One or PS4, do ’em a favor and pick it up!

xboxone force awakens

Disney’s Frozen Anna Doll

Well, hi there, Little Adorable Anna Doll! Aren’t you just the cutest thing with your little pigtails and your forest friends? Your freckles are KILLING US with their cuteness. All we know is that we can’t wait to play Anna, Troll, Dollie, and Sven go to a birthday party.

anna playset

Star Wars Rogue One Imperial Death Trooper

Not to be confused with Harry Potter’s Death Eaters…totally different movie. These Imperial Death Troopers are the latest things to be feared in the Star Wars Universe. And by Christmas-time when Rogue One hits the screens, every kid’s gonna want one.

death trooper

Moana Toddler Doll

Omigosh, those chubby knees and the sand on her toes…I can’t even! And your kids will eat up this Toddler Version of Moana, the hero of the new Disney film! And how cute is that turtle?

moana doll

Disney Pictopia Trivia Game

It’s just NOT the holidays without a new board game and this board game is the end-all be-all for Disney lovin’ fans! Disney Pictopia is fast and fun trivia game that the whole fam…even the grandparents…can get in on!

Disney Pictopia Game

Iron Man Gaming Keyboard

For those who root for the Avenvers, this Iron Man Gaming Keyboard, with its three, customizable, pulsating light sets will put them in a league of their own as they battle the bad guy. Let ’em open it and wait for the jaw to drop…


Spin Master Legendary Yoda

Always wanted to battle Master Yoda, you have. Well, now you can, kid, with this Spin Master Yoda. He talks, he moves, he grooves, and he teaches you the way of the Jedi. He even lets you get a close-up look at his ugly toes. Kids are gonna go nuts for this guy.

Spin Master Yoda

Disney Castle Lego Set

If we’re being honest, I think kids and grown-ups alike kind of have this thing on their list. Because a) Disney and b) Legos. It MAY be the greatest Lego Set ever created, but who am I to judge? Bring this Disney Castle Lego Set into your life and see if it doesn’t change it for the better!

disney castle lego set

Frozen Dress Up Trunk

Now YOU can be Anna and I can be Elsa, and then I can be Elsa and YOU can be Anna! 🙂 Just kidding. We’ll take turns and play fair and no one will turn into an icicle when we whip out this Frozen Dress Up Trunk. PROMISE.

Frozen Dress Up Trunk

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Bobble Bobble Train

How can you resist Mickey Mouse Clubhouse OR things that bobble up and down?? I’m telling you, no kid (save a surly teenager) will be able to resist the adorable faces and wiggly motion of this Fisher Price Mickey Mouse Train!

Fisher Price Mickey Mouse Bobble Bobble Choo Choo

Whoever you’re shopping for this holiday season, we’ve got your back! Moms, Dads, Friends, and Fam: we’ve got ’em covered! Check out ALL of our fantastic Disney Gift Guides we have over on Mickey Fix!