Maleficent “Mistress of All Evil” T-shirt

It’s All Hallow’s Eve, Mickey Fixers!

In honor of the ridiculously wicked Maleficent costume I’m rockin’ today, I wanted to show the Mistress of All Evil some love on Mickey Fix today by showcasing her rad new t-shirt. It’s got a super funky 70s vibe to it, with the shimmery lettering like we used to wear back in the day. It’s a 21st century organic cotton v-neck that thinks it was born in the days of disco. Head over now, and snag this and any of the other Adult Graphic Tees on the Disney Store site while they’re on sale 2 for $30. Maybe, perhaps, an Evil Queen tee to balance out your villainy? Wouldn’t want to go showing favoritism to the Dark Queens, lest they poison you with fruit or cast a sleeping spell that requires you to wait around for a guy on a horse (you might be there awhile.) Happy Halloween, Everybody!

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