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Our Favorite Disney Christmas Tree Toppers

If you’re gonna wear a hat, at least make it a nice hat!
Awesome Disney Tree Toppers
Same thing with your beloved tree. Don’t just put some sad little something up there that disappears into the landscape of the tree you’ve spent years perfecting.

No! Make your tree ZING and give it an appropriately festooned top hat that says, “I don’t know if you know this, but I am the MAYOR of this house right now!”

Every other month of the year, your home may be plenty warm and cozy…downright lovely, actually. But in December, it becomes a MUSEUM!

Show off all the artifacts donning your tree from years gone by with a special Christmas Tree Topper that says, “We don’t just DO Christmas; we ARE Christmas!”

Disney’s Timeless Treasures Rotating Tree Topper

Disney-Rotating-Tree-ToppperThis might be the most amazing Disney Tree Topper ever simply because it rotates! How cool would that be? You could sit there for hours and watch Santa Mickey twirl around your Christmas tree. Santa’s sleigh is full of vintage Disney toys too – can you name them all?

Retro Mickey and Minnie Mouse Tree Topper

Retro Mickey and Minnie Tree Topper

This Retro Mickey and Minnie Christmas Tree Topper is just the thing for your Hip and Mod tree. Why have JUST red and green, when you can have ALL the colors in a sunburst above your tree?

Yoda Tree Topper


Protect your tree from Evil Forces, he will. Trust your instincts and don your tree with this Yoda Tree Topper. Only then will you know the power of the Green Side.

Glass Mickey Tree Topper

mickey tree topper

He’s watching. Always watching. There’ll be no peeking at the presents underneath when Mickey Mouse is Topping Your Tree! He’s got ins with the man up North and he’s not afraid to rat you out! (Pun completely intended.)

Tinker Bell Tree Topper

Tinker Bell Christmas Topper

Who doesn’t love a Christmas Tree sprinkled with Pixie Dust and Light-Up Wings? Put the chick in the green dress atop your fir and let this Tinker Bell Tree Topper add a little spunk to your living room!

Santa Mickey Miniature Tree with Mailer

Santa Mickey Mouse Miniature Christmas Tree with Mailer

Can’t be with the one you love this holiday season? Mail them a happy little tree to let them know you’re thinking of them. This Mickey Mouse Mini Tree comes with a special mailer so you can ship a hug and a spruce right away!

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