Fantasia Flamingo Yard Art

Grab the yo-yo and get ready to upstage those flamingos next door with this fab-o Fantasia Flamingo Yard Art!

Fantasia 2000’s show-stealer and recent Disney parks escapee (where else would he have gotten the ears?) is happy to come home and adorn your flowerbed.  Fun-fearing flamingos will scatter when this cheery guy arrives in the neighborhood.  Much more animated than his traditionally kitschy cousin, your guests are such to crack a smile at least as wide as the one he is sporting.  No garden is complete without a little magic.  Besides, it’s all about going to the beat of your drum, isn’t it?

You can totally score this ultra fab Fantasia Flamingo Yard Art for yourself here.  And if you lurve Fantasia Flamingos as much as me, then you’ll need this Fantasia Flamingo Car Antenna Topper, too.  Squeeeeeeeeee!

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