Harveys Disney Classic Mickey and Minnie Messenger Bag

Okay, you may want to step lively if you’re wanting to snag one of these babies, because they are goin’ fast!

I had a Tote-Sized version of this bag lined up for y’all, but a week later when I was getting ready to write about it, it had gone poof: Sold Out! So, I’m ย going to get this one out there to y’all lickety-split so my Harveys-lovin’ friends can get their mitts on it, because this one’s super cute, and it will likely fly the coop soon, too. Check it out: this one’s a Messenger-Bag-Version of the Harveys for Disney Couture Mickey Loves Minnie Seatbeltbag. Do what? Yes. Seatbeltbag. A bag. Made out of Seatbelts. Which is one of the reasons people go Cuckoo for Harveys. A few more reasons are durability and cute-atiousness. ANOTHER reason is that they have sneaky, hidden images inside them, like THIS:

Now, YOU’RE in love, too, right? Well, don’t contemplate it too much, just go here, click Add to Cart, and call it, as my friend Virginia says, your “Love from Me to Me” present. ๐Ÿ™‚ But, hurry, because, I swanee, these things are getting sucked up by space aliens or something; they are NOT staying on the shelves. Okay? You’re welcome. I love you, too.

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