Mickey Mouse Telephone Handset

Children of Earth: This is the Face of Communication Past and Communication Future.

Oh, Telephone Handset, How I Miss Thee! ‘Twas mere years ago that I wrestled my fingers around your curly, twisted cord while talking to someone I called with a rotary dial. Sigh… But, what’s this?? A reimagined version of the Telephone Handset featuring Mickey Mouse? Why, yes, please, that would be lovely! You can plug this piece of gadgety adorableness into your new, fandangled smartphone and pretend you’re cruising down Memory Lane or plug it in and introduce your ears to a totally new way of hearing a conversation!

Okay, two more important things:

1) Free Shipping from the Disney Store until Thursday with code FREESHIP!

2) Gaga for more Disney Gadgets? We’ve got a page for that. Check out our Disney Gadgets page.

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