Mickey Mouse Tsum Tsum Large Plush Toy

Okay, are you full-on addicted to this game yet?

Mickey Tsum Tsum

If not, you should give it a whirl. The app, called Disney Tsum Tsum (pronounced “soom soom”) is an easy-to-play, highly addicting game of drop-the-cute-characters-to-the-bottom-of-the-screen. I’ll be honest: I’m not exactly clear on the directions…I should probably Google them…but it’s just so darn infectious right from the beginning that you kinda don’t care and you just keep playing. There are mini Tsums, medium Tsums, and large Tsums and they stack on top of each other. So, once you fall in love with them via the app, you’ll want to collect and stack them all up in your room, natch. I’m in love with the Poohs and the Eeyores and the Donalds, but I hear tale that there are Woodys and Buzzs to be gained if I keep playing. Which I just might be doing. All weekend.

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