Dole Whip Artwork

People everywhere, I give you….the Dole Whip!

Legend has it that Captain James Cook took his schooner out for a spin one balmy day in 1769, when he happened upon the most beautiful island he had ever seen. The wide-eyed, smiling, Tahitian children brought him ashore to give the man sustenance from his long journey on the sea. The frozen concoction that they offered him was a treat so perfectly refreshing, so perfectly pineapply, that James Cook took his Captain’s hat off right then and there and never left the Polyneisan island.

This is a print of the Dole Whip Capt. Cook was inspired to paint after his encounter with that famous treat, and none of this story is true. But you have my permission to tell it at your next cocktail party when your friends are gathered ’round this lovely portraiture of the Glorious Dole Whip┬áhanging in your home, and you’ll sound like a bona fide historian.

Great news? It’s also available as notecards or a poster!


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