Oz the Great and Powerful Nail Polish by OPI

Lookie! Polish for your Great and Powerful Digits!

It’s time to put on the capes and dust off the brooms, Fixers. Oz the Great and Powerful has ARRIVED! Okay, some of you may be cool enough to have seen it last night before the official premiere, and if you are that cool someone, I am very, very envious. I am quite a fan of the original Wizard of Oz and the mere idea that a prequel has been created makes my skin get all tingly with anticipation. I am going to reward my tingly-feeling fingers by painting them in alternating Good Witch/Bad Witch colors.

Are you psyched about the new movie, too? If you’ve seen it already, did you love it? If you didn’t, will you lie to me and tell me it’s fantastic, please? I need a victory!

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