Peter Pan Charm Bracelet

WARNING: This bracelet will NOT allow one to fly, if one chooses to leap out one’s nursery window.

I feel the need to clarify these things, as warning labels are very helpful. Take, for instance, my hairdryer, whose manufacturer is ADAMANT that I not use my Conair 2500 while in the bathtub. VERY helpful information, that was. As soon as I ripped it open from its little package, I had designs on taking a long soak while using the Conair to dry my toenail polish. Quite glad the warning label saved me from THAT tragic ending… So, I am here to save YOU from certain “flights of fancy”; no matter how much this Peter Pan Charm Bracelet looks up and you and whispers “Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust”it WON’T make you fly, and you best keep it out of the bathtub, too, just for caution’s sake!

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