Alice in Wonderland Litograph

The perfect gift for any book lover! So, if you could just have mine shipped directly to my house, that would be great.

Okay, so here’s the cool thing about this Alice in Wonderland print, if you don’t already know it. Not only is it an awesome sketch of Alice falling down the rabbit hole, it’s also the text from the book by Lewis Carroll. Yep. Click on the image to “biggen” it, squint hard, and you can see it right there. The other marvelously fab thing about this print is that Neato Shop has it marked down for 20% off at the moment, making it a cool $31 and some change. So, take a leap down the magic passage and pick up this print for your favorite Lit Lover and watch her swoon for days. And by her, I mean me. Kthx.

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