Aurora Maleficent Carriage Tote Handbag by Harveys

Check out the new line of Princesses v. Evil Wenches Harveys Handbags!

Aurora and Maleficent Harveys Tote

I do a little gasp every time Harveys comes out with new Disney-inspired Handbags. This line is SUPER cool. Okay, first and foremost, if you don’t know the deal with Harveys, here goes: they’re made of SEATBELTS. Yep. Seat. Belts. Harveys dyes the belts and then weaves them into the MOST amazing bags. For instance, this one, here. This Harveys Sleeping Beauty Maleficent Handbag has Aurora on one side and her malevolent nemesis on the other! This line has other cool Carriage Totes worth checking out: Cinderella vs. Lady Tremaine and Snow White vs. the Evil Queen! Dear Mr. Santa…

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