Disney Sea Salt Bath Products by H2O Plus

You know that super yummy smelling stuff you get in your bathroom at the Disney Resorts?

H2O Plus Sea Salt Must Haves Set

Yeah, that’s this stuff. Different resorts have different smelly-goods at different times, and the Cruise Line has their own set of smellys, but this Sea Salt Set is one of the yummiest! This is a fun little package of five of their Sea Salt must-haves, like Body Wash, Body Butter, Body Lotion, Body Gloss, and Hand Cream, so you’ll be smelling like Happiness and Disney in no time! They also have the fantastic line of Shampoo and Conditioner if you want to smell like a mariner ALL the way head to toe! This little set is perfectly wrapped up and ready to give as a gift or to keep all to your little self!

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