Family Schmamily Turkey Leg T-shirt

The thing about family vacations is that, well…your family’s with you.

And while most of the time that’s just Super-Peachy-Keen, there are parts of the vacation when a person just wants to be alone with their Turkey Leg. Are we trackin’?

Nobody understands your needs quite like that big, hunky piece of meat that you grip in your hand the way you would a Louisville Slugger.  The Turkey Leg will never judge you for the way you contort your face while gnawing on it like a Bonafide Neanderthal. It will never interrupt you and tell you to eat with your Mouth Closed.  It won’t care that you have Turkey Juice dripping down the front of your brand new Family Schmamily shirt, making you look like a Class A Hobo. No, the role of the Turkey Leg is to be there FOR you, quietly, silently…as the President of Team YOU.  So, no, Family, we wouldn’t trade you for all the Mickey Bars in Florida…we like you fine. But when the clock strikes Turkey Time, we may need a moment alone. Please respect our Special Relationship with The Leg. We’ll be back with you momentarily. (Likely pleading for one of those Wet Wipes you remembered to pack for us…No, that’s NOT Turkey Juice in my sandals.)

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