Mickey Mouse Garden Gnome with Cart

Look at Mickey’s wee little pointy hat!

Mickey Mouse Garden Gnome Statue

He’s traded in his Sorcerer’s Cap for a Gnome Hat and looks downright adorable in it. But I’m a sucker for a Gnome Hat. And Omigosh, Mickey in a Gnome Hat Pushing a Flower Cart? I can’t even! This little dude, with his wee little hat and his wee little cart is bound to make any forest creature smile, even the ones who are tromping through your yard to try to get to the ice cream truck in a hurry and your flowerbed is the quickest route.

Think this is something Mom might like? Go ahead, grab it while the gettin’s good and surprise her. Not that Mom’s not worth a million bucks, but this sucker’s on sale for $31 right now!

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