Mickey Mouse Watch by Ingersoll

If you’re gonna get fit in the new year, you may as well track your time with some swagger!

Okay, here’s why we love Ingersoll: They’ve been around for a billion years, or at least since Henry Ford was around and kickin’. See, he was the guy who helped Ingersoll Brothers develop an automated method of production for their previously-solely-handmade, fantastic pocket watches. And the rest, along with Henry’s Fabulous Cars, is history. Now, Ingersoll is collaborating with The Walt Disney Company to create a line of Unisex Watches called the Mickey Mouse 30’s Collection, which is a call-back to the Original Mickey Mouse watch that everybody fell in love with back in nineteen-hundred-and-thirty-three! ¬†And these finely-crafted watches normally cost what a normal finely-crafted watch would cost. ¬†However, you can snag this one on Amazon at 50% off retail, bringing it down to $136.00! You think Henry Ford wore an Ingersoll cruising in his Model T?

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