Minnie Mouse E-Reader Case

So, this is love

We love us some Disney-Subtle around here, and oh my does this fit the bill! You can barely tell (although we Hidden Mickey hunters surely can) that those little quilted designs are Wee Minnies all over this awesome e-reader case.  It has a satin and faux-leather quilted finish and fits e-readers and tablets 8 1/4″H x 5 1/2″ W. Plus, it comes with a snap closure and great interior pockets for holding your super important e-reader-y type schtuff safe and secure. It is also available in pink for those who like their Minnies on the brighter side. I’m not sure of the exact configurations of Kindles, Nooks, or iPad minis, which this case seems to be designed for, so be sure to measure your devices before you commit to this Minnie for YOUR mini. 😉

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