Vintage Mickey Mouse iPhone Case

If loving you is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

Vintage Mickey Mouse iPhone 5 Case

Mickey, sometimes when I can’t be near you, I just pull you out of my pocket, put on my Mouse Ears and hum the Mouseketeer Theme Song. People on the bus usually think it’s strange, but I cannot care. I’ve gotten a few strange looks while in line at the grocery store, but to that, too, I say, adieu. For it is you who brings me True Joy, Mickey. And when I cannot be riding an elephant high in the sky or screaming my little head off while plunging down a watery mountain, it is you who makes me smile. So, thank you, Mouse of Mine, for covering my mobile device with your gleeful, Vintage Mickey Mouse self to keep those rainy days and Mondays from getting me down…er.

This Vintage Mickey Mouse Cell Phone Case actually covers more than just an iPhone, so if it’s an iPod, an iPad, a Droid RAZR, or a Galaxy you’re looking to shield from destruction, give this case a closer peek!

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