Darth Vader Lunch Box with Sound

Wait. Maybe you missed it in the title: with SOUND!


Oh, take me back to a teeny, tiny concrete cafeteria in the late 70s after Star Wars had blown everyone’s mind to outer space and back. The scene: a geeky girl with really round glasses and a PB and Honey Sandwich and a Blo-Pop waiting for her noontime consumption. All around her, friends pull out lunchboxes of varying coolness: Scooby Doo, Dukes of Hazzard, Mighty Mouse, and then…KSSSHHHHHRRR! Can you imagine the head explosions I would have caused had I whipped my sandwich out of a TALKING DARTH VADER LUNCH BOX? Just thinking about blowing those elementary schoolers’ minds in that fashion gives me the right out gigglies. Oh, and you can save $25 off $50 at Think Geek when you enter code SURPRISEPARTY.

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