Jar Jar Binks Whoopee Cushion

There are a lot of things I’d like to do to Jar Jar Binks, but I’ve just discovered a few I hadn’t yet thought of!

I can step on him, squoosh him, toss him across the room, or sneak him onto unsuspecting people’s chairs and….wait for Jar Jar to earn his keep by tooting on my friends and family. It’s the perfect situation. And look at that goofy little tongue sticking out of the side of his goofy little mouth. Just waiting to blow raspberries on an unknowing guest.  We may have found a good use for you yet, you goofy little nerf herder! The Jar Jar Whoopee Cushion is an exclusive from the Star Wars Celebration VI, and is available in limited quantities from Think Geek. Plus, they’ve slashed the price on Sir Goof-a-Lot here, down to $9.99, until they’re gone, daddy, gone.

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