Cheshire Totoro Face T-Shirt

If you’re like me, whenever you cross over into Japan in Epcot, you spend a RIDICULOUS amount of time in Mitsukoshi Department Store, running around saying how c-u-u-u-u-u-te everything is.  This T-Shirt totally qualifies for that.

I think it’s mandatory that everything FROM Japan be cute. I’m pretty sure it’s a rule. And whenever I enter the Japan pavilion, Mitsukoshi is the FIRST thing I head for, and when I’m there, NOTHING can make me leave. (Well, two things can make me leave: hearing the incessant “Mooooommmm!” wailed out by my nine-year old approximately 75 times in a 30-minute period, or being told by my husband or some otherwise well-meaning soul that my five-year old has broken something.)

It’s like I get sucked in–like Alice into the Rabbit Hole–and I can’t get out. Which is why this Cheshire Cat t-shirt is perfect for folks like me who visit their Personal Rabbit Hole each and every time they visit Mitsukoshi and can’t get out! The only thing making this t-shirt even MORE perfect is that it’s sketched by a Japanese artist, Kenji Takahashi.

It’s perfect. It’s fantastic. It’s…say it with me….c-u-u-u-u-u-te!

$20.99 – $21.99

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