‘Art of the Princess’ Journal Set

Let’s face it: most girls have “moods.” I have about 90 of them, and only about six of them are pleasant. I kid, I kid. Seven of them are pleasant. Anyhow, this Art of the Princess journal set not only encourages my love of writing, but it also speaks to what Elvis Costello would call my “Ever Changing Moods.”

If I’m feeling gentle and maternal, I can turn to my Snow White journal, and write about all things lovely and squirrel-like. (I may not crack the spine on this one.) If I’m feeling fashionably haughty, I can grab the Cinderella book and scrawl something condescending about my step-sisters and their overly-large feet and poor choice in hairstyles. And, still, if I’m feeling like a Qupie Doll and somewhat coy, I can turn to Ariel, to scribble a few words–or possibly sketch out–a new design for a bathing suit top that’s NOT made out of shellfish.

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