D23 Exclusive Limited Edition ‘Attack on the MCP’ TRON Giclee

Today, we’re getting onto the grid with this amazing, limited edition TRON Giclee.

You’ve got to admit: geeks know where to put their money. Sure, some of them spend a lot more than they should on things they never take out of their original packaging, but there’s a strategy to this.


It’s called: collectibles. I never really understood the art of collecting art until recently. My mom’s an artist, and has explained a thing or two to me, but now that I’ve looked around at many of the different Disney Collectibles that are out there, I’m really starting to “get” this art collecting thing. Take this Tron Giclee, for instance. First of all, I’m very proud of myself to know how to pronounce, and explain, just what the heck a giclee IS. Yay me. Also, I now know a little bit more about the term “limited edition” and the numbering system on these things. The qualities that make this Tron giclee so attractive to an owner are: it’s a limited edition, meaning that they sent a small batch of these to press, and no more are to be had; and the low number of prints, which mean that, even on the last press, there was still very good, rich, high-quality ink to be had, so the print you’re getting, even if it’s last press on that run, is almost as good as the first printing. Plus, it just looks cool. And it’s only available to D23 members, which is another reason to sign up. Membership….collectorship…has its privileges.

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