Disney Appetizer Plates – 4 Piece Set

I don’t know what it is about square Disney plates, but we Disney fans EAT THEM UP!


The last time we featured a 4 piece set of square plates, they were GONE from the shelves in hours. It was nuts! Now these Four Disney Appetizer Plates can be your awesome little reminders of the year Disney wanted us to “Believe in Magic” while calling it the “Year of the Villain”! The third plate shows Donald happily hopping through an upturned horseshoe and the last plate has a fantastically retro “it’s a small world” vibe to it. Square plates = Big love! These things need to see some olives and cheese ball action! That’s some magic I can believe in! But hop on it, before the only action your olives are seeing is the top of a Bounty Paper Towel!

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