Mickey and Friends 5 piece Tin Popcorn Bucket Set

Yippee! Pizza and Movie Night! Pizza and Movie Night!

We have a family tradition around my house where Friday = Pizza and Movie Night, which also = My Favorite Night of the Week! First we gorge ourselves on the best Greek Pizza money can buy (once every six months, then whatever a coupon and a sale at Food Lion will get us the rest of the year), then we go out and snatch up favorite new release on DVD from the local big box store (if it’s somebody’s birthday; otherwise, it’s Redbox-ville or a rerun from the personal stash). This week, we get to celebrate in Retro Disney Style with this 5 Piece Popcorn Set featuring the Fab Four! I like how they’re made out of tin, adding to the super-cool vintage look of the cartoons on the buckets. Maybe tonight’s feature will be…Steamboat Willie??

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