Disney Color Fusion Mickey Mouse Serving Tray

Now, this is what Bob Ross would’ve called a Happy Little Tray!

Color Fusion Tray

Spring’s coming…it really IS!! And then means backyard barbeques, lemonade on the deck, and snacks in the hammock! For right now, though, this Mickey Mouse Color Fusion Tray is going to be the PERFECT thing to serve up a hot grilled cheese and a bowl of soup on, yeah? And besides this cute thing being up for grabs, there’s MORE good news: Disney Store is now offering FREE SHIPPING on orders of $50 or more! So, if you don’t have enough stuff on your radar totalling the $75 minimum USUALLY required for free shipping, fear not! All you need is to tally up the goods in your basket ’til you hit the $50 mark, enter code SHIPMAGIC, and Boom! It’s yours! Thank you, Disney, and the magic of the Interwebs!

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