Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Notecard Set

M-I-C-K-E-Y, Send a Note for Cheap! (You like what I did with the theme song just then?)

I love that face!! That face brings back so many happy memories of hours spent watching The Mickey Mouse Club on a TV too big for a stand! Remember those TVs? The ones the size of an electric car? With fancy wood cabinetry all around it to make it “blend in” with the rest of your living room decor? Aw, yeah. I miss those days. Primarily because I wasn’t the one paying the bills then. But I digress: check out this cute set of note cards with images from The Mickey Mouse Club on them! You get a set of 20 note cards and envelopes, pictured below, and they come in the super-cute box with Mickey’s Face on it, pictured above! ย Even though they were already reasonably priced at $12.50, the Disney Store has just lowered them to $7.99 in their Twice Upon a Year Sale. And when you enter code BONUS25, you can knock another 25% off!

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