Star Wars Stormtrooper Force-Choked T-shirt

Some Mondays at the office are worse than others…

Poor Harold. He’s so distraught, he hasn’t even touched his peas. I’d be a little concerned, too, if I’d let a droid that MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE THE PLANS FOR THE DEATH STAR SHOVED INTO ITS CREVICES pass by without inspecting it. But, hey, Old Ben Kenobi didn’t earn that flashy brown bathrobe without knowing how to dole out a goodJedi Mind Trick…he could have waved that voodoo on any of us and we’d have fallen for it, too. And look at Compassionate Maude…always a hand on the shoulder, letting Harold know she’ll be there for him whether he comes home with a jammed blaster from a tough day defending the Empire, or a collapsed esophagus from a Good Vader Chokin’. It’s okay, Harold. You’ve got good folks on your side.

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