Star Wars Death Star Planetarium

You know, the description on this thing says it’s for ages 7-13, but I’m getting one anyway.  It’s not fair for them to limit my enjoyment of life like that. What, like 14-year olds all of a sudden can’t have Star Wars Planetariums?

Well, here’s the thing: I’m ordering one for MY room, and either I’mma gonna hafta hide it from my kids and only turn it on after they go to bed, or we’re getting one for EVERY BEDROOM IN THE JOINT, because I’m afraid one…once the secret is out….just isn’t going to be enough for our household. Remember, in the late 80s when kids had those peel-off stickers that glowed in the dark that they could plaster all around their walls and ceilings that made it look like there were stars in their room at night? Well, imagine that…times a billion coolness points. Better yet, it’s one of those things that’s coolness-disguised-as-education, which is downright sneaky and fantastic.  It’s got the geeky panache of Star Wars, with the brainiac-ness of astronomy, with the coolness of something glowing in your room at night. Sign. Me. Up, Vader!

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