‘Toy Story’ Slinky Dog Ear Buds

Slinky Dogs coming out of your ears? Excellent.


I love a good sight gag. My granddad would walk into the room, and sit down at the Thanksgiving table wearing Groucho Marx glasses like nothing-doing. I loved that about him. When I was little, I always wanted to have one of those arrow-through-the-head things like Steve Martin used to wear, but I never thought I could pull off the deadpan face it required. Love of comedic timing is in my veins, but holding off on cracking a smile is NOT. These Slinky Dog Ear Buds are gonna be my chance, though. Once I slip these suckers on, I’ll be so wrapped up in whatever audiobook or Muppets Christmas Album I’m listening to that I just may forget about the hilarity sticking out of both my ears. Next stop: Thanksgiving Dinner Table.

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