Dark Side Bacon Tee

You know the Dark Side? Well, they have Bacon.


They also have high cholesterol and angina, but that’s beside the point. This hilarious bit of Star Wars Snarkiness – the Come to the Dark Side, We Have Bacon Tee, is now yours for the low, low price of $15.74. Yep. $15.74. Think Geek’s rolling out a major 25% off apparel sale, which includes this fab t-shirt, and everything else considered things-one-can-wear-on-one’s-body-that-isn’t-a-hat-or-socks. Click here to score big on this and other apparel from Think Geek, from right this second to 11 pm Eastern Standard Time tonight. Then the deal goes bye-bye, and it’s back to Retail City for us.

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