Star Wars Imperial Wall Paper

When it comes to Horrible Dudes, it doesn’t get much worse than Darth Vader.

He and his Imperial Forces are some of the Horrible-est around. So horrible, in fact, that they’re not just on the Bad Side, they’re on the DARK Side. Whenever I think of Darth Vader death-gripping that guy from across the table without even laying a finger on him, yet STILL causing him to pass out from choking, I shudder. And then I think: “MAN, he’s grouchy! I am nowhere NEAR as grouchy as that guy. Anyone who blows up his Home Planet has got serious Anger Management issues, and I, for one, am super happy it’s not ME.” So, when I found this new Imperial Wall Paper, I had to have it immediately; it’s my perfect dose of Daily Validation that I’m not such a bad guy after all. With all the Bad Dudes of the Dark Side, including Boba and the Storm Troopers, staring me in the face every morning while I brush my teeth, I can’t help but feel a little better about myself. I straighten my spine a bit, toothpaste dribbling on my chin, and think: “Wow. There are people out there much horribler than you, Jen. Way to go, my friend. Way to GO!”

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