Monsters University Tee for Men

When I get to MU, I’m totally pledging OK, dude.

I’m a shoe-in, though, because my dad was an Oozma Kappa, my granddad was an Oozma Kappa, and my dog, Rocko, was an Oozma Kappa, too. So, there’s no way they won’t let me in. I’m just gonna go ahead and, you know, order my shirt, so I can have things good and ready when they decide to done me with the crown of OK. This is serious business, dude. You can never be too prepared.

The Monsters University shop is OPEN at Disney Store online! Head on over to check out this cool Oozma Kappa Tee and the other super cute, co-ed schwag they’ve got for grown ups and babies alike!

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