Star Wars X-Wing Fighter and Imperial Crest T-Shirts

It’s good to keep your options open.

It’s good to know which side you’re on, but smart to have a back-up t-shirt in case You Know Who shows us at your next get-together asking questions about where your loyalties lie… Wapoosh! Former Jedi becomes…Imperial Guard!

And here’s how you can score big on your your new Secret Agent Lifestyle: Think Geek’s rockin’ a Buy One Get One 50% off sale on all their t-shirts right this second. No code necessary, just add at least two tees to your cart, and Voila! their secret math monkeys do all the subtracting for you. For example: the secret math monkeys tell me that these two tees will only cost $30 with this special super sale.  So, head on over and snag up some goodness! (Or badness…or both!)

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