Pirates of the Caribbean Script T-shirt

“Yo, Ho! Yo, Ho! A Pirate’s Life for Me!”

As soon as you hear that gravelly voice singin’ that unmistakable tune, you know where you’ve landed. Arrgh.  Back in the nineteen-hundreds, we didn’t HAVE movies to tell us the story of the Pirates of the Caribbean. All we had were drunken audio-animatronic sailors to tell us the tale. (And we LIKED IT.)  From the same guy who brought you the Haunted Mansion iPhone case comes the Dress Up, Me Hearties Yo Ho t-shirt with phrases listed in the same cool, typographic style, like “Surrender, ye lilly-livered lubbers!” and “By gum he’ll talk or do a fine dance at rope’s end!” and my personal fave: “Strike yer colors, ye bloomin’ cockroaches!” Comes in alternate colors, and can be purchased as a hoodie for those chilly days whilst out ransacking and pillaging. Click here to score one of your very own!

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