Self-Rescuing Princess T-shirt

Knights and their Noble Steeds are so 20th Century.

What my 21st Century Daughter needs is the belief that she can get herself out of any situation, any time. Prince Charming, preesh, but she’s got this! Finally, I’ve found a t-shirt that shows off a girl’s right to royalty that doesn’t paint her as a delicate flower, flailing her arms and waiting for someone to save her from Dragon Breath. This Self-Rescuing Princess tee is perfect for my precocious toddler, who’d rather play with frogs than princes anyhow. I can hardly wait for it to arrive in the mail in put it on her, so wearing it, she can stand up and proudly announce to the neighborhood, “See Here, Fellow Neighborhoodians! I am a Damsel Who Will be Taking Care of Her Own Distress, Thank You!” And all of her friends will raise their Juice Boxes, and say, “Three Cheers for Gracie! The Self-Rescuing Princess!”

Thankfully, the Self-Rescuing Princess tee now comes in MY SIZE, too, which works out well, since my #1 Mom shirt has starting to look a little…worn. (No, I don’t wear it every DAY, that would be ridiculous. Just on Saturdays when I’m out parading the neighborhood.) So, step aside, Damsels Needing Assistance, and make room for ME, The Artist Formerly-Known As #1 Mom, and heretofore revered as….the ADULT-SIZED Self-Rescuing Princess!!

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