Lucky Duck Donald Duck Giclee Art Print

Donald, you’re one Lucky…Duck!

This is what I look like when I score hard-to-get ADRs, only I’m wearing pants. Which is a good thing, because the Crystal Palace has a shirt and shoes policy, at least for breakfast before the park opens. They may be a little more lenient as the day goes on, but all I know is that everyone in my family better be wearin’ pants. Anyhoo, I am totally feelin’ Donald’s happiness right now, because even though I have NO idea what’s causing him such joy, I DO know that it is Disney-related, and that I can TOTALLY relate to. I love the colors and the design on this Lucky Duck Giclee by Thomas Scott, and the fact that he’s hoppin’ through a horseshoe near a field of clover gives me reason to believe 2013’s gonna be a good year after all. Available on paper or canvas.

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