Mickey and Minnie Seatbelt Bag by Harveys

Seatbelts? They’re highly useful items.

It’s true…they save lives and that’s the most important thing. But did you know they also can miraculously turn into super cool handbags? Of course you did. You prolly already knew about our affinity for Harvey’s Seatbelt Bags, too, ‘cuz you’re hip like that. That’s why we like you. That’s also why we figured you’d dig this FAB Mickey and Minnie Harveys Bag¬†woven from seatbelts inked with some of the best Mr. and Ms. M. comic strips ever! So sturdy and durable, these bags were meant to last and last…kinda like our love for Disney.

Let’s face it. We love Disney Handbags from every brand, everywhere, every time of day. That’s why we whipped up this super awesome list of Must-Have Disney Handbags, just so we can gaze at them every now and then. Check ’em out!

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