Snow White MacBook Decal

Some princesses never learn.

At least Snow’s let someone ELSE take the first bite out of this Macintosh in this clever MacBook skin.  Folks will do a double-take when they see Snow White with her mitts on your Mac’s glowing apple.  Will she or won’t she? Where’d she get that thing, anyhow?  Surely she didn’t fall for the whole “Have a delicious apple, my pet” scam again.  Shouldn’t she be kind of sick of apples by now?  Wait for the rustling of voices as the theories and postulations begin to fly around the coffee shop the next time you take Snow and YOUR Apple out for a spin.

Designed for the MacBook, this vinyl decal can be custom-cut to fit any flat surface you wish to adorn with the Dwarves’ Favorite Mommy Figure.

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