Star Wars Holiday Lights Yoda and R2D2

Found the perfect item for your tree, you have. Make your cubicle festive, you will.

Turkey Week is over. Let the blinkage begin! My neighbor had his lights up and twinkling even before my turkey was cold. It’s on! I’m upping my game this year, guys, because not only are my famous Leg Lamp Lights making a return, but I also have these ridicu-fabulous Star Wars Holiday Lights for that extra ka-chow! I can have Yoda on one side, Leg Lamps in the middle, and R2D2 at the other end. Best. Christmas. EVER! Click on any of the links or pics to take you straight to the site where you can purchase these bad boys in your choice of World’s Coolest Green Jedi or Cutest Bleeping Droid Ever!

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